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I have used the services here for a while now to include acupuncture, massage and cupping. The Doctor is amazing and cariing, and the staff is so kind and curtsey. I can not speak highly enough about this establishment .  I have recommended many of my family and friends and they love the services. My treatments here have contributed to my major change to my health and I  would  not think of going elsewhere . I can not believe some of the other reviews , sound like a few winners to me.

Dan T.Troy, MI

Over the past 7 years I have had problems controlling my drinking. I would have 3 to 4 high balls in the evening and at age 63 I would really regret it the next day. Dr Xu’s treatments have given me the will power to stop drinking completely. I feel great. Dr. Xu is now helping me with the ringing in my ears and my dependency on a prescription sleeping pill.

Craig W.

I have had severe pain in the right side of my face and found it hard to talk or even eat. My diagnosis was Trigeminal Neuralgia. The family medical doctor offered painkillers and mentioned surgery as an option, which is not always safe and is expensive even with insurance. Fortunately for me I received amazing help from Master Xu of the Troy Acupuncture Center. She provided friendly, knowledgeable treatment. I was aware of Chinese medicine before my first visit, but did not expect such a great result from the first session. In one week of treatment I could eat with hardly any pain.After four weeks the pain was completely gone. I now have more energy, my immune system is stronger because Master Xu treats the whole body with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and moxibustion. I’ve had great results and no side effects. Now I think Acupuncture is the safest and best way to cure our health problems. I would definitely recommend for everyone to improve their health with Acupuncture. Thank you so …

Svitlana M.

A few days ago, I was out in my backyard gardening when I realized a wasp had stung me. This never ever happened to me before so I was totally freaked out and searched on the internet frantically for something I could do. I saw Troy Acupuncture’s ad, and how many people they had helped. I had no idea what Acupuncture was but was curious to try it out. The doctor seemed professional enough, and she told me that Acupuncture would work well. The doctor used needles and pierced my hand(yes, that’s where I got stung) and put some type of suction cup on it. It didn’t really hurt, considering I’ve been to the hospital many times and the shots hurt WAY worse. Anyways, after I got off the bed, I took one look at my hand and, although it was kind of purple, had become a lot smaller and was not itching as much. The doctor said I wouldn’t have to come back since it is much better already, but if it doesn’t completely cover up in a week, I might want to come back. I didn’t make a next appointment b…

Emily L. Troy, MI

I’m a 47 year male with a sciatica problem on my right side. From my lower back, through my backside, hamstring, calf and outer two toes were constantly going numb. Just standing was a problem. As someone who really enjoys to be active, gym, basketball, yoga it was disheartening to deal with such a problem. Over the last 3 months I saw a chiropractor 3 times a week a total of 36 visits. And really not much relief. I bought an acupuncture groupon really not knowing what to expect, but I was desperate enough to try anything. Upon my visit I spoke with the Doctor and explained what my problem was, she took my pulse and looked at my tongue. Then I was led to a room . I was a little nervous because I was unsure what would happen next. (yes treatment could be explained a little better for first timers like me) Well I stripped down to my boxers and laid face down on a massage table, the Doctor came in and started inserting the needles, hurt a little really not to bad. Then the electronic stim…

Rich LRoseville, MI

Hi, my name is Mike (48 year old male), and have been going to Troy Acupuncture Center for the last three months, and have seen significant improvements in my overall health. Four months ago my balance was off considerably (when I would wake up first thing in the morning, I would be literally walking into walls), and everything that required thinking was done in the “fog”). I had no motivation, and was not sure what to do; as the last time I went to the doctors they had prescribed six different medications (one for cholesterol, high blood pressure, antacids, sleeping aides, etc..); all that in a 15 minute visit. Since going to see Shuyun Xu for acupuncture, I have had better sleep, no numbness in my arm (and neck), improved thinking, and much more motivated. Most importantly, a lot of my digestive issues are returning to normal (abdominal pain improved by 70%, heartburn – gone, involuntary muscle twitching improved by 70%). A normal visit lasts about 1 to 2 hours, but the time is well …

MikeTroy, MI

Recently Dr. Xu was called by a patient from the hospital emergency room. She was found on her kitchen floor by her son unable to move due to immense sciatic nerve pain. Having trouble reaching Dr. Xu at the moment, her son panicked and called an ambulance to have his mom rushed to the hospital. As the patient shared from the hospital bed, it was the usual story – “drugs to treat the pain but no real solution”. She was still in pain and unable to walk. Within a couple hours of the incident Dr. Xu immediately after retrieving her voice message hurried to the hospital and with just a few minutes of acupuncture the patient was able to walk out of the hospital — the pain had been relieved.

Healers come in many forms and for this patient Dr. Xu was not just her doctor that day but her angel too!

I’ve been diagnosed with Bells Palsy (facial nerve paralysis on left side of face). It’s my second occurrence and the medical doctors warned that it may be a very slow recovery (at least 6 months to a year and in some cases could be permanent) and that there is no medication for it other than the steroids and viral medicine for the first week. I then decided to try Acupuncture and Physical Therapy. After going to acupuncture doctors in Las Vegas, Ann Arbor and a private doctor along with countless visits to two Physical Therapists, without much improvement the first 3 months, I then tried Dr. Xu’s Troy Acupuncture Center. The very first visit was very intense, an hour of needles placed in strategic places with electrical stimulation on the face followed by an hour massage that was very intense but relaxing of the face, neck and shoulder muscles, trying to invigorate the muscle and nerves. I then had a session of cupping where they apply small glass suction cups on strategic places o…

Don T.

I met Master Shuyun Xu in June 2013.  I went with my husband out of curiosity. We went and had a great experience. I was able to relax and sleep in the afternoon for two hours. Because of the immediate results we decided to go back about another problem we had. After four years of trying to get pregnant and my fertility doctor recommending that I start considering in vitro fertilization, I wanted to try another way. My fertility also doctor recommended I try acupuncture, he said  it helps and he has seen great results the past. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and I was losing hope to have a baby. So I returned to doctor Xu and explained our situation. She consulted us and she said she would help us but we have to follow her advice, come to the acupuncture sessions and take the tea and the pills. She also said to hold on to the in vitro fertilization, because she will help us within a month or so to get pregnant. No other doctor made a similar statement before and I was l…

Elena B.Troy, MI

Prior to being treated with acupuncture by Dr. Xu, I had lost at least 70% of the range of motion on my arm. The pain was unbearable, especially at night time. I used to wake up in terrible pain 5 to 7 times per night which did not leave me with much time to rest.

Fortunately I found Dr. Xu on the internet and after the first visit the sharp pains stopped. I now can say I have my arm back and the range of motion is about 95%. I will continue to see her until my arm gets 100% better because Dr. Xu is is great.

Lyvia G.Saint Clair Shores, MI

As a fibromyalgia sufferer for the past ten years, I was desperate to find a release from the pain. I felt that western medicine treated me with a pill for this symptom and a pill for that symptom, but I had not achieved any true relief. My daughter recommended Troy Acupuncture Center and I am so glad she did! Even though it has been only two months, the pain has been substantially alleviated! The practitioner, Shuyun Xu, is gentle, concerned and empathetic. I feel that now I can once again participate in life rather than watch from the sidelines. I highly recommendTroy Acupuncture Center and Shuyun Xu.

Jackie H

I was referred to Dr. Xu Shuyun last year for tinnitus. I had been dealing with it for several months, my ENT told me that I would have to live with it. I decided that this was not what I was just going to “live with”. So after a lot of research and inquiries I was referred to Dr. Xu and with in a month / 6 visits I found relief and shortly after it has diminished almost completly. I do follow up visits to relieve stress, sinus and TMJ.

Anna M.Royal Oak, MI

I came to troy acupuncture center for loosing weight. I was 162 pounds and everybody told me I seriously needed to get skinnier. I tried acupuncture and there was great results. The first session I lost 4 pounds, but gradually I lost more and more until I was 137 pounds! Also, their fire moving cupping was really relaxing and I came back for doing it. If you haven’t tried cupping, you really should. Now I look fabulous, and I would totally recommend troy acupuncture center for loosing weight(and relaxing).

Lily L.Clarkston, MI

I was diagnosed with moderate Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The pain in my hands had gotten so intense that I could not sleep more than an hour at a time at night, and the effected fingers in my hands were constantly numb. My Primary Care Physician (who I am very thankful for as well) was able to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation through prescription medications, and referred me to an Orthopedic Specialist. The Specialist determined that I would need a Carpal Tunnel Release surgery for both of my wrists. He told me that the recovery time from surgery could be anywhere from two to six weeks, possible “pillar-pain” in each wrist for up two to three months, scar tissue, and that the surgery may not eliminate all of my symptoms.

While at the Orthopedic Specialist’s office, I picked up a small informational brochure mentioning acupuncture. I had always been intrigued about this ancient form of medicine, and wondered if it could help. I found the Troy Acupuncture Center through…

Andrew G.Richmond, MI

I am a 49 nine year old male who has been suffering from chronic back pain for 25 years due to a fall. Because of my injury my pain goes through cycles of severity sometimes tolerable which allows me to be active and sometimes unbearable not allowing me to even walk. I have been going to chiropractors, massage therapists, taking pain killers and relaxers, and seeing medical doctors. These methods were at best temporary relief which forces me to have continuous care at great expense. I recently hurt my self in Aug carrying shopping items. Two days later I could not move my leg even enduring the pain to do so. I went to my chiropractor and temporarily adjusted me so I could walk, but I looked all crooked and still in much pain every time I took a step. I don’t know why, but I heard that little voice in my head which I am sure was God. that voice told me to google acupuncture in Michigan, so I did and found a acupuncturist in Troy. I called right away and was seen within the hour. Within …

Mark K.
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