Basic Infertility Package

Master Xu’s technique is based on the most practiced form of traditional Chinese medicine developed in ancient China. The program is structured on a very specific acupuncture treatment schedule and the use of traditional Chinese herbs to maximum bodily harmony for fertilization and implantation. Both objectives are addressed in the treatment schedule which should be strictly followed.

The basic program is provided as a complete 90 day package including all treatments.

From the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), infertility can result from one or more causes. In general the treatments focus on properly rebuilding a woman’s energy known as Qi (pronounced “chee”) by regulating her menstrual and Qi flow and alleviating emotional and psychological stress levels. The primary Qi pathways (known as “meridians”) in fertility cases are the Kidney, Heart and Liver systems however the Spleen and Lung meridian systems are also examined and may need to be treated as well..

In TCM, the Kidney system provides a woman with the foundation of her energy. If this energy is deficient either from overwork or other health issues, conception may be very difficult. Many women with busy and stressful lives show signs of kidney meridian energy deficiency that must be addressed for conception and healthy pregnancy to take place.

The Liver system is generally responsible for the smooth flow of menstruation and of blood and Qi within the body. TCM works toward regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle and treat associated issues such as PMS and severe menstrual pain. It is an important aspect of treatment, particularly if menstrual issues are present. Liver meridian imbalances can lead to psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.

The Heart system is largely related to a woman’s psycho-emotional states. As relaxation and enjoyment are crucial aspects of fertility, the treatments are designed to help address emotional issues and stress. Working to alleviate this stress and reducing the emotional side effects of some western therapies and procedures is an important aspect of treatment.

In addition to the meridian systems listed above, the spleen meridian has a role in the production of Qi and the lung meridian has a role in emotional issues such as grief which may coexist with infertility that may need to be addressed.

The main goals are: regulate and promote healthy menstruation, alleviate symptoms of PMS and breast distention, and address any psycho-emotional issues. The TCM techniques promote comfortable digestion, relaxing sleep and reduced stress levels by building Qi energy and flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also looks at infertility from a yin/yang perspective with treatments structured to address the changing essential needs of each part of the cycle and the strengthening the role of their supporting meridian systems.

*Please Note: The fertility program is provided as a complete prepaid package. It is essential the the mother adhere to program guidelines and practices.

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